Assange dons mullet wig for Farnham pitch

Julian Assange has worn a blond mullet wig and lip-synced to John Farnham’s You’re The Voice as part of a tongue-in-cheek pitch to Australian voters.


The WikiLeaks founder donned the 80s-style hairpiece for Juice Rap News – a spoof internet bulletin where presenters rap the latest headlines.

When Assange – who is vying for a seat in the Australian Senate – is asked for his message to voters, he suddenly appears in the wig and mimes to a modified version of Farnham’s 1986 classic.

“We gotta make things leak, so we can get much bolder,” he sings.

“Ooooh we’re all wire-tapped now.

“We’re being fed lies.

“Not long til we get all the rats out.

“Once we turn on all the lights.

“You’re the light that the world’s demanding.”

Earlier in the video, Assange is shown wearing a smart suit and tie.

But the presenter tells him: “Mate with this whole look you’ve got going on, you’ve got Buckley’s hope of getting votes in from all the sheilas and blokes back in Oz.”

The next scene features the often straight-laced Assange changed into a green and gold singlet, with an Aussie tie wrapped around his blond mullet.

The comedy video, written and presented by Melbourne-based comedy duo Giordano Nanni and Hugo Farrant, was posted on YouTube as Assange’s Wikileaks Party continues to deal with the resignation of Victorian Senate candidate Leslie Cannold.

Ms Cannold and National Council member Daniel Mathews resigned after an apparent bungle which saw the Wikileaks Party preference the right-wing Shooters and Fishers Party and Australia First Party ahead of the leftist Greens.

Politicians of all stripes have shown a real willingness to send themselves up during this election campaign.

Last week Kevin Rudd, Tony Abbott and Christine Milne all appeared in a video for indie punk band Super Best Friends.

Labor MP Craig Emerson has made a series of appearances on the ABC’s The Hamster Decides, giving repeat performances of his now-infamous `Whyalla Wipeout’ song.

And billionaire mining mogul turned political party leader Clive Palmer has appeared in a video singing about pies.