Roses adorn shot teenager\’s coffin

More than 400 mourners have packed a Melbourne church for the funeral of teenager Tyler Cassidy, who was shot dead by police a week ago.


Hundreds of the mourners were fellow teenagers, many visibly distressed as they said farewell to their 15-year-old friend.

Friends and family released white balloons outside the St John the Baptist Catholic Church at Clifton Hill in Melbourne after the service.

Dozens of single white roses were placed on Tyler\’s coffin.

Tyler\’s mother, Shani, kissed and placed her head upon the coffin to say a final goodbye to her son.

But many of his old school friends from Templestowe College said they should not have had to say goodbye at all.

“We are very sad and angry because of what they (the police) did,” old school mate Josh McGavisk said.

Security guards at church

“He didn\’t deserve it, they could have done something else and talked it out. He was the best guy, if you respected him he respected you.”

Security guards were on hand to ensure that only family and friends entered the church.

Tyler was shot and killed by three of four police officers he confronted in a skate park in the Melbourne suburb of Northcote last Thursday night.

He had allegedly threatened to kill the officers with two knives he had stolen from a nearby shop, and lured police to the scene with two hoax calls reporting an emergency.

Police failed to subdue Tyler with two blasts of capsicum spray and warning shots as he advanced.

Three of the officers then opened fire on him; he died at the scene.

A coronial investigation has been launched.